4-day ski course

4-12 years old


Due to limited number of places, please, make a booking in advance.
Ski course in English will be held only in case of reservation of at least 5 children at the same age and on the same skill level.


499 pln

10.00 – 13.00 / 9 hours of ski training / Attractions

Siblings: the second child 5% discount. The third child 10% discount.

DATES 2021

March: 01 – 04
Ski course lasts 4 days from Monday till Thursday.

December 2020:   HERE
Winter holidays 2021:  HERE


Activities take place in Harenda Family Leisure Center in Zakopane

See the map


Family Leisure Center Harenda Zakopane


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Ski training is held everyday, according to detailed program below, on ski pistes from green (easy) to red (more difficult). Ski courses are destined to children on every skill level.


Program is carried out by the best ski school in Poland which won the Championship of Polish Instructors 2014, 2015, 2016. 


After ski part of the course, children everyday participate in attractions.


Groups are maximally of 8 children.



The activities are led according to innovative training program for children.


At the end of ski course, every child passes appropriate level, gaining awards of HSKI Penguin Club. Thanks to it, a child increases qualifications and results are put into index.


HSKI Penguin Club Awards:


Check training levels and index  >



At the end of ski course children take part in ski race as part of HSKI Penguin Olympic Games, competition on appointed giant slalom course with electronic time measurement.


After ski race – great prize ceremony with cups, medals, diplomas and rewards!

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

10.00 Meeting with instructors and division on the basis of age and levels: beginners/ intermediate / advanced.

10.00-12.00 SKI TRAINING in groups according to program.

12.00-13.00 ATTRACTIONS in HSKI Penguin Club



Additionally games and plays in HSKI Penguin Club


Ride on snowtubing, carousel + great news!



Special trains will take children on a ride through special HSKI Penguin’s route

Thursday – ski race, gaining of awards

10.00-12.00 Ski race on HSKI Penguin Olympic Games, competition on giant slalom piste with electronic time measurement.

12.00 After ski race – handing over cups, medals and diplomas along with rewards. At the end – surprise with big show 🙂


Thursday – Great prize ceremony with HSKI Penguin! – surprise 🙂

Detailed program


Economic package
10.00 – 13.00

10.00 – 12.00
ski training

12.00 – 13.00
atractions in HSKI Penguin Club
+ great surprise


Economic package
10.00 – 13.00

10.00 – 12.00
ski training

12.00 – 13.00
attractions in HSKI Penguin Club
+ great surprise


Economic package
10.00 – 13.00

10.00 – 12.00
ski training

12.00 – 13.00
attractions in HSKI Penguin Club
+ great surprise

Thursday – HSKI Penguin Olympic Games

Economic package
9.00 – 12.00

10.00 – 12.00
Ski race,
HSKI Penguin Olympic Games

Great prize ceremony,
cups, medals, diplomas
Surprise at the end!




1. WHITE LEVEL – beginner

2. GREEN LEVEL – beginner

3. BLUE LEVEL – beginner


4. RED LEVEL – intermediate

5. BLACK LEVEL – intermediate


6. BRONZE LEVEL – advanced

7. SILVER LEVEL – advanced



Green pistes

Blue pistes

HSKI Penguin Mini Club

Carpet Lift – NEW


Game park



Attractions take place everyday, after ski training is finished, HSKI Penguin Park



The only one in Poland blown sledges, which go under the influcence of leaning through appointed track. Great fun for children.



HIT. Children receive organized ride on dog sledges and can see real husky dogs straight from Finnland. Kids are happy!



During courses, children have an occasion to see how Lapps lived in the past as well as to meet TIKI Lapp who will show them how life looks like in distant North.



During attractions, children take part in various games and plays which are not available in any other place. The amount of games causes that children can go crazy for hours.



Every child, alone or with pilot, overcomes an appointed route on snowmobile for kids.



A few snow trains will take children on a trip around surrounding areas with attractions! Full craziness for kids.



Great fun for every child. In the rhythm of HSKI Penguin Club’s music, children go crazy with parents and instructors who amuse kids while teaching of choreography.



The novelty in following season will be animations for children, which will make time spent in HSKI Penguin Club pleasant!



Straight from Finnland. In a special enclosure, real reindeers will wait for children with a big surprise 🙂



Full of smile attraction on special blown tubings which allow children to go crazy through appointed route. There is no end of fun! 🙂



It is possible to rotate without end, children love this attraction, various speed and directions – it all causes great smile on every child’s face.



Joint roasting of sausages with parents is a festive for every child who after the whole course cannot wait for this attraction. Especially that just after the end of bonfire, a great show starts!


Your child is the most important for us! During the whole period of ski course, children stay under the care of qualified instructors. Instructors take care of children during ski lessons, breaks and games.



HSKI Ski School employs the best qualified staff for leading activities with children. We have SITN PZN license what makes our ski courses very safe.






Qualified instructor staff with years of experience in work with children every day takes care of your child’s safety.

In Harenda Zakopane Ski Centre there are several ski rentals for children. All of them in a professional way match equipment accordingly to age, height and child’s skills. The nearest rentals are located just next to HSKI Ski School Office. There is no need to book ski equipment in advance, because it will always be available!

We recommend renting of equipment not later than one day before a start of ski course (Sunday). Opening hours of rentals are 9:00-21:00.

We recommend renting of equipment for child on the spot instead of buying, because children grow out of ski equipment very fast and usually it is good only for one season. Equipment on loan will be ideally fitted to child. There will be no need to worry about conservation, greasing, sharpening of your own skis or ski bindings. What is more, new equipment for children is much more expensive than the rented or bought in junk shop one.

The price of ski course does not include skipass, so we recommend purchase of skipass not later than 1 day before a start of ski course (Sunday) in ticket offices in Harenda Ski Centre.

There are various types of time-limited tickets: hourly, one-day and multiple-day skipasses.

We recommend purchase of 4-day skipass for which you will receive one-off discount in the amount of 20%. The discount can be received after showing confirmation of payment for ski course for children in ticket office in Harenda Ski Centre.

HSKI Ski School Office is located in Harenda Zakopane Ski Centre, Harenda 21 street, near ski lifts, in regional “U Curusia” building (entrance from the ski lifts side).

Opening hours in winter season:
Monday – Sunday: 9.00 – 21.00
e-mail: info@hski.pl
tel.: (0048) 517 936 328

How old should be children to start learning of skiing and snowboarding?
Children willing to learn skiing are invited even from the age of 3.
Children from 4 to 12 years old are invited on special educational program – 4-day ski courses for children with HSKI Penguin which are led by qualified instructors in our ski school.
Children willing to learn snowboarding are invited from the age of 6 on private lessons.

Which level is my child on?
We suggest to check section “Ski training – learning of skiing / groups” where you can find short movies which may help you to define your child’s level.

What should my child hold during the activities?
Children participating in ski courses with HSKI Penguin, during activities should have prepared:
-ski equipment (skis, boots, helmet)
-warm clothes (winter suit, cap, scarf, gloves),

Where do I need to leave and pick up my child?
We meet with children and parents in front of HSKI Ski School Office. After activities are finished, children should be picked up from HSKI Penguin Park, which is 70 metres distant from HSKI Ski School Office.

Is it possible to rent ski equipment for a child in Harenda Ski Centre? Is it better to rent or to buy?
In Harenda Ski Centre there are several rentals which are endued with equipment for children even at the age of 2. We recommend renting of ski equipment, because children grow out of skis very quickly what is connected with costs for parents.

Who will lead the activities with children?
All activities included in ski course for children with HSKI Penguin are carried out by specially trained HSKI Ski Instructor Staff who have years of experience in work with children. This is a separate group of instuctors specially destined for work with kids. Besides instructors, also animators are present on activities from 12:00 to 13:00 in HSKI Penguin Park.

What happens if my child do not enjoy the activities. Can we resign during ski course for children?
Our years of experience in work with children in conjunction with mass of attractions prepared for them during ski course caused that in the history of ski school’s existence did not occur any resignation of ski course in relation to fact that child did not enjoy activities. However, we approach every situation individually. That is why in case of any suggestions, you are invited to announce to HSKI Ski School Office.

Is it possible for a child to participate only a part of ski course for children, e.g. 3 days instead of 6 days?
Our experience shows that the best effects in learning of skiing children achieve while participating in full 6-day ski course. However, we approach every situation individually. That is why in case of any suggestions, you are invited to announce to HSKI Ski School Office.

Do all the activities happen outside?
Yes, ski courses for children with HSKI Penguin takes place outside.

In what way are children divided into groups during ski course?
During ski course children are divided according to age and level of skiing which was initially declared by parents while booking of ski course. Later it may occur that level of skiing was wrongly indicated by parents or that child differs from group remarkably. In this case instructor can decide about change of group during activities.

How many children is in one training group?
In one training group during ski course for children there is maximally 8 people per 1 instructor. In case of basic groups there is even less children per 1 instructor.

May parents be present on ski course along with child?
Our experience shows that parent’s presence on training causes child’s inattention. So, to achieve the best effects of training, parents are asked for leaving child at 9:00 under care of appointed instructor and then for looking at activities from a distance preventing child from seeing parent. For this purpose parents are invited to regional restaurant next to HSKI Ski School Office where they can observe activities from.
At 12:00 we ask parents for presence on attractions for children in HSKI Penguin Park, because immediately after attractions children are passed to parents.

What is the HSKI Penguin Park?
HSKI Penguin Park is the first in Poland park adapted to learning of skiing for children from 3 to 6 years old. It is located in Harenda Ski Centre in a specially appointed area, unavailable for people not participating in HSKI ski courses. Children along with HSKI Penguin, through fun and games on snow, learn basics of skiing and snowboarding.


499 pln

over 9 hours of ski training

over 4 hours of games

8 various attractions


The price includes:

Ski training according to program

All attractions, every day, always after finish of skiing

Small snacks

Fun in hut on the slope

The Olympic Games – ski race at the end of ski course

Cups, medals, rewards for everybody


The price does not include:

Ski equipment and winter clothes

Skipass (we give you 20% discount)

SIBLINGS: The second child 5% discount, the third child 10% discount


We are trustworthy


years of experience


positive opinions

The best

instructors in Poland