FAQ / Questions and answers

Location of HSKI Ski School

Where is HSKI Ski School located?

Our ski school is located in Harenda Ski Centre in Zakopane, Harenda 21 street, about 2 kilometres from Zakopane centre. Our office is situated in building of Regional Restaurant “U Curusia” from the side of ski lifts.

Does HSKI Ski School offer a luggage room?

Unfortunately, HSKI Ski School does not offer a luggage room.

Does HSKI Ski School lead a rental of ski/snowboard equipment?

HSKI Ski School does not lead a rental of ski equipment. In Harenda Ski Centre there are several ski rentals for children which will professionally select an equipment to child’s age, height and skills. The nearest rentals are located just next to HSKI Ski School Office, under ski lifts. There is no need of booking in advance of ski equipment, because you will never run out of it for sure!

Booking of individual training with instructor

Is it necessary to make booking of individual training with instructor in advance?

It is best to book training with instructor before planned activities, particularly during Christmas and New Year’s Eve period as well as during winter holidays. The booking will provide you with availability of instructors within chosen date and time. It happens very often that people willing to make use of our instructors’ services, without booking in advance, cannot take part in such activities, because instructors are busy by people who made the reservation earlier. The booking in advance guarantees on-time realization of activities with chosen instructor.

How can I make a booking of individual training with instructor?

The reservation can be made via booking form available on website www.hski.pl, by telephone on the following telephone number +48 517 936 328 or in HSKI Ski School Office. In every case, the booking shall be paid in HSKI Ski School Office not later than 1 hour before a start of training. In other case, the booking will be automatically cancelled by system.

When and where am I to pay for booked individual training with instructor?

Formerly booked individual training shall be paid not later than 1 hour before its start, in other case it will be automatically cancelled by system. The payment should be settled in cash in HSKI Ski School Office which is located under ski lifts in the building of regional restaurant “U Curusia”.

Preparing for individual training with instructor

What do I need to have for starting an individual training with instructor?

To start individual training with instructor, it is necessary to have prepared:
– payment for individual training,
– ski/snowboard equipment,
– skipass for yourself (skipasses for instructors are paid by ski school),
– warm ski/snowboard clothing,
– and, of course, good intentions 🙂

Is it possible to rent in HSKI Ski School a ski/snowboard equipment?

Our ski school does not lead a rental. However, it is possible to rent a ski equipment in Harenda Ski Centre in Zakopane. The ski rentals are located on each side of our office and the booking in advance is not necessary. The rentals offer the complex ski and snowboard assortment which costs from 30 PLN to 40 PLN per day/set (ski, boots, poles, helmet) and 10 PLN per hour/set. The nearest ski rental is only just 5 metres away.

Is it possible to buy in HSKI Ski School a skipass?

Skipasses can be purchased in box offices which are located next to ski school – the pricelist:

What kind of skipass is the best to buy for the duration of individual training?

If you are beginner, it is best to buy point-based ticket. It allows to use ski lifts exactly as many times as you need and the rest of points you can return to box office of ski centre. If you are advanced skier, we recommend to purchase time-limited ticket which has no limits on points, but you need to remember that it is impossible to return. For every skipass you need to pay a refundable deposit in the amount of 10 PLN which is to take away in box office of ski centre.

What is included in the price of individual training with instructor?

The price of training with instructor includes:
– 55 minutes of ski training,
– entry on ski lifts out of turn.

What is more, HSKI Ski School pays for skipass for instructor.
*The price does not include an equipment and skipass that shall be prepared before a start of activities.

Does instructor help with selection of ski equipment?

There is no need for instructor to help with selection of ski equipment. All ski rentals in Harenda Ski Centre in Zakopane have perfectly trained workers who will help with appropriate selection of equipment.

Individual training with instructor

Do your instructors possess appropriate qualifications?

Our ski school, since 2005, has regularly been receiving the Licence of PZN A+B, what entitles it to lead activity in terms of ski/snowboard trainings and staffing trainings. Ski schools having mentioned Licence of PZN cannot employ instructors who do not have proper qualifications, that is why in our ski school the whole instructor staff has valid qualifications and insurance. HSKI Ski School also owns appropriate insurance.

Where does the training take place?

Trainings for beginners take place on ski slopes with flat gradient, 80 and 200 metres long with blue and green signs of pistes.
Trainings for advanced skiers take place on ski slopes which are 400 and 1000 metres long with red and black signs of pistes.

Where do I meet with instructor?

You meet with instructor in front of the building of HSKI Ski School after settling the payment for training in ski school office. Ski school is located in the building of Regional Restaurant “U Curusia” nearby ski lifts in Harenda Ski Centre in Zakopane.

How many lessons do I need to learn skiing?

Everything depends on individual motoric capabilities of every participant in ski course. Our activities are conducted according to current program of skiing SITN-PZN. To learn how to make basic movements on skis or snowboard, there are necessary (approximately) 3 lesson hours. When it is important for you to learn how to ski well, you should decide on bigger amount of lesson hours for which we have prepared attractive offers.

Check on movie which level you are on

For children

How old should be children to start skiing and snowboarding?

Children willing to learn skiing are invited even at the age of 3, on specially created for this age group ski courses Bambini 3 years old which are conducted in formula: 60% fun & entertainment, 40% ski training.
Children at the age of 4-12 years old are invited on a special educational program – 6-day ski courses for children with HSKI Penguin which are conducted by qualified instructors in our ski school.

Is it possible to rent ski equipment for a child, e.g. at the age of 3? Is it better to rent or to buy?

In Harenda Ski Centre in Zakopane there are several rentals which are equipped with accessories for children even at the age of 2 years old and more. There is no need to make a booking of equipment in advance.
It is best to rent ski equipment because child grows up, so there is no need to bear the costs due to purchase of ski equipment.

What kind of instructors lead activities with children and on what kind of ski slope?

Activities with children are conducted by qualified instructors with experience in work with kids. It is a separate group of instructors, particularly dedicated to work with kids. Activities are led on ski slopes with very flat gradient, on blue and green signed pistes. Ski lifts designed to learning for children are 80 metres long (low-routed ski lift with dedicated piste only for kids as well as in the park for children) and 220 metres long (high-routed ski lift). For children with higher skills we recommend activities on steeper ski slopes, signed as red and black. Ski lift and chair lift.

What kind of ski courses do you lead for children and where?

We conduct a series of ski courses for children, because our youngest sportsmen are the most important people skiing! We lead winter holiday courses, weekend courses and individual courses. For our youngest customers we have also prepared HSKI Penguin Park where you may find nursery school for the smallest kids – check offer. Everything is situated in Harenda Ski Centre in Zakopane.

Do you have Park for children and to what age group is it dedicated?

Yes, we have park for children which is dedicated to children at the age of 3-6, where our youngest sportsmen play and learn. In the park for children you may find a series of obstacles, games and plays for kids.

Accommodation near Ski School

Is it possible to find accommodation near your Ski School?

Yes, it is possible – for this purpose visit specially created section – here.