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90 pln

Possibility to select optional hour


575 pln

*Hours can be used during the whole season


790 pln

*Hours can be used during the whole season




HSKI Ski & Snowboard School invites you on individual and common trainings which are conducted by professional staff.



– individual subject matter of activities
– opportunity to select optional dates of trainings
– instructor fully at your disposal
– larger efficiency of training
– shorter time of learning
– individual program
– fast effects
– program adapted to your needs
– better concentration on exercises
– HSKI Ski School guarantees the best staff in Poland
– 78% of people choose individual trainings


Polish Instructor Championship 2015

Pricelist lessons per hours

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90 pln

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  • The price for lessons made one by one during one day.
  • The price includes 23% VAT

Pricelist 7-hour and 10-hour packages

1 person2 people3 people


575 pln

730 pln

790 pln


790 pln

980 pln

1050 pln

  • Advantages of package: you save money and use hours in accordance with your needs, the package is valid during whole season.
  • The price includes 23% VAT

FAQ Frequently asked questions

Why is it worth to participate in individual snowboard lessons?

Individual trainings are one of the most effective form of learning of snowboarding. Lessons conducted “one on one” with instructor allow to use time dedicated to learning in a best way. The person leading lesson can adjust mistakes in the loop and teach correct techniques.

This type of training is recommended for people who want to make as large progress as it is possible in short time. During 2-week holiday, while training every day, it is possible to achieve quite satisfying effects.

You can purchase our package of a few hours and, thanks to it, receive attractive discount.

Why is it worth to choose 5/7/10-hour package?

This is an offer dedicated to people willing to learn skiing or snowboarding at low cost. We prearranged packages which help you with saving money and achieving a great effect of training. After realization of package, you will achieve appointed goal and ski freely in an assumptive degree. Package can be used in accordance with appointed dates / hours during the whole season.

Advantages of package: You save money and use hours according to your needs, package is valid during the whole season.

We are group of people willing to learn snowboarding. Will we get a discount?

Snowboard trainings for groups is an excellent offer for white schools, children on winter camps or groups of friends. In comparison with individual lessons, costs of such learning are lower. Additional advantage this type of courses is opportunity to compare your own skills with others and observe useful solutions.

While leading trainings, we lay emphasis on participants’ safety. The level is being adapted to group’s skills so that everybody has chance to expand skills.

For groups we have also predicted various attractions which you can read about below.

Why is it worth to participate in individual snowboard lessons?

HSKI Ski & Snowboard School invites you on individual trainings which are the best and the shortest form of snowboard training.
Individual lessons is type of training which is mostly chosen by our customers because of effects achieved at the end. Our activities are remarkably effective and conducted by staff with large experience in such teaching. Activities are led according to participant’s skill level.

Why individual course?

  • Individual choice of activities,
  • Better focus on tasks,
  • Time used effectively,
  • Instructor only at your disposal,
  • 78% of customers choose individual lessons.


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