Due to limited number of places, please, make a booking in advance.

Ski course in English will be held only in case of reservation of at least 5 children at the same age and on the same skill level.


120 pln /DAY*

09.00 – 12.00  / 60% fun & entertainment and 40% training on the slope as well as games in HSKI Penguin Mini Club

*While booking select any one or a few days from Monday to Friday, or full 6-day course.
Siblings: the second child 5% discount. The third child 10% discount.

Dates 2018

January: 15-20, 22-27, 29-03 Feb
February: 05-10, 12-17, 19-24

Every ski course lasts 6 days, but you can select any one or a few days.

December 2017: 28-31 – check


The activities take place in Harenda Ski Centre in Zakopane

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1st place in Poland

Ski courses for children in the best ski school in Poland!

Ski training




40% of ski course is training which is led from 9:00 till 11:00 in HSKI Penguin Park.


60% of ski course is fun and entertainment. Children play under the custody of instructors among ski activities and enjoy the prepared by Penguin attractions.


Groups are maximally of 5 children.



After ski activities children go into specially prepared playrooms. From 11:00 to 12:00 they play under the care of qualified animators and receive snack and drink. Mini Club is located in HSKI Penguin Park.

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At the end of ski course we organize, on a separate piste, ski race for children. During ski race we award a prize to all participants – everybody receives cup, medal and diploma.


Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

9.00 – 11:00 Meeting with instructors in front of HSKI Penguin Mini Club (in HSKI Penguin Park)

Activities in HSKI Penguin Park (60% fun and entertainment, 40% training)
* warm drinks for all children

11.00 – 11.55 Childcare in HSKI Penguin Mini Club under the custody of animators in warm closed space, 2 rooms with games and lots of attractions
* snack and drink for every child
child should be picked up from HSKI Penguin Mini Club at 11:55


Monday – Penguin Hello

Animations with Penguin in playroom, games and attractions

Tuesday – Magic show

Magic show on snow


Wednesday – Treasures Hunters

Hidden treasures in winter caves and castles


Thursday – Explorers

Journey through areas inhabited by tatra animals


Friday – On the Lapp trail

Ride on dog sledges, TIKI Lapp tales, Lapp village


Bambini Ski Race

SKI RACE on appointed piste in HSKI Penguin Park.
Great prize ceremony, medals and diplomas

Monday <-> Friday

9.00 – 12.00

9.00 – 11.00
Ski activities (60% fun and entertainment, 40% training)
* warm drinks for all children

11.00 – 12.00
Childcare in HSKI Penguin Mini Club
+ buns/drinks

Attractions during week


Penguin Hello
animations with HSKI Penguin


Magic show


Treasures Hunters




On the Lapp trail
Husky dogs, Lapp village


Bambini Ski Race
9.00 – 11.00

Great prize ceremony, cups, medals


Place of activities during Bambini 3 years old program


Ski training, games and childcare in HSKI Penguin Mini Club take place in specially prepared, closed and safe area, where you can find a carpet lift and lots of attractions as well as building of HSKI Penguin Mini Club.


Zrzut ekranu 2016-07-13 o 22.46.49


HSKI Penguin Mini Club – nursery school


Pingwin (34 z 96)Pingwin (75 z 96)Pingwin (91 z 96)

After ski lessons children, from 11:00 to 12:00, go for activities under the care of animators. The building is located in HSKI Penguin Park and has 2 playrooms, cloakroom and toilet. The building is heated and safe.

At 12.00 parents pick up children from nursery school.





In HSKI Penguin Park we have installed a safe, 70 metres long carpet lift which makes learning easier!



After ski lessons children can see how Lapps lived in the past, come into their village and warm up by the bonfire. They will also meet husky dogs and go for a ride on dog sledges.



Ski course takes place in HSKI Penguin Park which is the biggest winter park with ski attractions in Poland. This is a specially prepared, closed and safe area where you can find: HSKI Penguin Mini Club, carpet lift and lots of attractions for children.



Children can take a ride on a unique HSKI Express snow train, prepared by HSKI Penguin, and enjoy a ride on a carousel.



We organized a lot of games and plays suitable for children. Attractions take place in HSKI Penguin Park in specially prepared areas!



During the whole ski course, toy of our park – HSKI Penguin accompanies children. He helps with learning, leads warm ups and ceremonial ending when he presents children with awards.


Your child is the most important client for us! During the whole period of ski course, children stay under the custody of qualified instructors. Instructors take care of children during ski lessons, breaks and games.



HSKI Ski School employs the best qualified staff for leading activities with children. We have SITN PZN license what makes our courses very safe.






Group of the best prepared staff in Poland takes care of your child’s safety.


Bambini kids’ groups:

Every group is maximally of 5 children what makes our activities very effective and, most of all, safe.

Children grow out of ski equipment very fast, so the best solution is to rent it on the spot.

In Harenda Zakopane Ski Centre there are several rentals. All of them match equipment accordingly to age, height and child’s skills.

The nearest rentals are located just next to HSKI Ski School Office. There is no need to book ski equipment in advance. Rentals are open from 9:00 till 21:00.

The price of course does not include skipass which every child should hold during activities.

For Bambini group you need to buy ticket for carpet lift located in HSKI Penguin Park, where all activities take place.

HSKI Ski School Office is located in Harenda Zakopane Ski Centre, Harenda 21 street, Poland, near ski lifts, in regional “U Curusia” building (entrance from the ski lifts side).


Opening hours in winter season:
Monday – Sunday: 9.00 – 21.00
e-mail: info@hski.pl
tel.: (0048) 517 936 328

Where do the activities of Bambini 3 years old course take place?
Bambini courses take place in Harenda Ski Centre in HSKI Penguin Park – specially prepared, closed and safe area. There is a ski run which is adapted to children at the age of 3, a carpet lift and lots of attractions.

How old children should be to participate in Bambini 3 years old course?
We invite all children which are 3 years old.

Do all the activities happen outside?
Activities are adapted to child’s possibilities as well as weather conditions. Ski lessons take place outside in HSKI Penguin Park whereas games, depending on the weather, happen outside or in HSKI Penguin Mini Club – comfortable and warm room.

What should my child hold during the activities?
Children participating in Bambini courses should have:
-ski equipment (ski, boots, helmet)
-warm clothes (winter suit, cap, scarf, gloves)
-shoes to change

I do not know if my child enjoys skiing. Can he take part in ski course for one day “experimentally” and, if need be, is it possible to prolong activities with more days?
Yes, activities can be extended for more days, but selection of bigger amount of days allows to fit appropriate program from the start and to reduce price.

Where do I need to leave and pick up my child?
We meet with children and parents in HSKI Penguin Park, which is 70 metres distant from HSKI Ski School Office. After activities are finished, children should be picked up from HSKI Penguin Park.

Is it possible to rent ski equipment for a child at the age of 3? Is it better to rent or to buy?
In Harenda Ski Centre there are several rentals which are endued with equipment for children even at the age of 2. We recommend renting of ski equipment, because children grow out of ski very quickly what is connected with costs for parents.

Who will lead the activities with children?
All activities included in program Bambini are carried out by specially trained staff. This is a separate group of instuctors who have years of experience in working with children. Besides instructors, also animators and baby-sitters take part in activities.


1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
6 days
BAMBINI 120 pln 240 pln 330 pln 410 pln 460 pln 500 pln
Topic of a day Penguin hello Balloon day Explorers Indians
Husky dogs
Ski race

* While booking choose any one or a few days, or full 6-day course.

SIBLINGS: The second child 5% discount, the third child 10% discount