More than 90 children are included in the program “HSKI supports children and teen’s growth”. On 1 September there was a start of our new project which educates parents and children how important is everyday physical activity in every child’s life. The first support within project is Zakopane Sport Club where children at the age of 4 – 14 years old train.

“It is a pleasure for us that we can support such initiatives. Our project came into existence specially for children, considering how hard it is to motivate parents to care about children’s physical development as well as about children themselves. We wish to communicate that dedication of even 30 minutes daily on sport causes that children are more healthy and they develop considerably faster. Today we support football, but we think about another projects for children” – says Andrzej Hyc, the owner of HSKI.


This is another project of HSKI for children. We supported in the past similar initiatives. In the next few years we want to extend a circle of children included in the program.

“Athletics, water sports, even dance classes, there is a wide range of area where we want to work, having a great joy in it, seeing how children develop and thanks to, among others, our support they can practise their dreamed-of sport” – adds Andrzej Hyc


We thank for opportunity to sponsor the football club and to Wiktor Pawlica who was a coordinator of project from a standpoint of Zakopane Sport Club.
In upcoming winter season we plan to set out another activities as continuation of our action of supporting children.

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